Practice, practice, practice

I’ve recently finished a new still-life painting and when I’d finished it, it rung a bell.

I’m pretty sure I’ve painted a starfish before.

I went back through some of my old work and, sure enough, there it was. One starfish on a coloured background with a couple of shells thrown in for good measure. I painted the first version in 2013 at an oil painting course at West Dean College.

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Sketching ideas: Lemons and Limes

In all kinds of drawing, be it still-life, landscapes or portraits it’s a really useful exercise to look at elements of your composition in relation to each other.

By observing the objects you draw and looking at their relationships to each other you start to think about the accuracy of your picture as a whole.

Is one of your objects taller, wider, in-front or behind another?

Where does the light come from? Where are your shadows falling?

Here’s a few step-by-step photos of a still-life study of lemons and limes. I used my Moleskine sketchbook, a 2B pencil for roughing out the shapes, a 4B pencil for adding shadows and definition, a blending stump and rubber.

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Island Life

May 2018

It’s been nearly a year since we moved over to the Isle of Wight from the mainland.

We’ve kept busy in that time. We’ve sold a car and bought a kitchen. We’ve learned about the ‘quirky’ nature of 120 year old houses. We’ve experienced our first Cowes week and ‘Round The Island Race’. It snowed. Twice. We’ve discovered that our new Island modes of transport are buses, boats and catamarans, Floating Bridges and ferries. And our feet. We walk, constantly, and are always delighted to end up at the waterside.

When you place an order in my Etsy shop it will always travel across the Solent on a ferry to start it’s journey to you. And I think there’s something wonderfully romantic in that.

Round The Island Race 2018

Round The Island Race 2018. (c) Bethany Moore 2018