Baking and Making

Last week in my Drawing Group I wanted to look at drawing ‘Self-Portraits’. It’s a challenging subject so I decided to make a ‘Gin and Lime’ cake to sweeten the deal for the class.

I’m not a cake-maker or baker (or good cook if I’m brutally honest). But I had a go. And the art group rewarded me by a) eating the cake and b) having a go themselves, at the task of drawing their portraits.

And that’s when it struck me: Baking is a bit like Drawing.

You need the right tools, or ingredients. You need to be prepared to give it a go. You mustn’t be afraid to try, and maybe fail, but learn from it so your next creation is better.  It’s OK to ask for advice, it’s great fun to share it with like-minded people. And, you can wear brilliant aprons!

If you’re interested in joining my drawing group then drop me a line at and I can tell you more about it. Rest assured I don’t bake every week (but there are always biscuit shaped refreshments)

I used a recipe from The National Trust, and here’s a link to their Top Ten cake recipes  The National Trust Top Ten Cake Recipes 

And finally, here’s a selection of lovely aprons designed with my unique prints and illustrations that you can buy in my shop here  … and a quick self portrait to inspire you.


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